Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes

Due to the fact that the state of Arizona requires drivers to purchase bodily injury and property damage liability coverage, you should expect the rates on the premium to be quite high. As an alternative to purchasing auto insurance, a driver must provide proof that he has sufficient money in his bank account to pay for any damage to the car and the medical bill in case of an accident. All in all, you either need to have an insurance policy, certificate, bond or cash that is worth at least $40,000 in order to be in accordance with the legislation of Arizona.

What happens if you have an accident outside of Arizona?
In the event that you registered your vehicle and have the minimum insurance coverage required in the state of Arizona and you are involved in a car accident in another state where the requirements are higher, then your policy will automatically increase to meet the demands of the higher requirements. This is a very useful feature, especially if a car accident you are involved in results in a high amount of property damage.

Another aspect you should be mindful of when you are involved in a car crash outside Arizona is the state legislation regarding the “no-fault” law. At the moment, Arizona does not have the “no-fault” regulation implemented. This law was specially designed to simplify the payment procedures for the medical bills after a car accident. According to this law, your insurance premium is forced to pay for bodily injuries resulting from an accident, regardless of whether the crash was caused by you or not. It is important to note that the state with “no-fault” laws allow their inhabitants to sue the people from other states in case of an accident.

The penalties for not having automobile insurance in Arizona
First of all, if you are planning to move to Arizona then you should know that the legislation there requires you to change the registration and insurance in the state. The out-of-state insurance is considered illegal for new residents. However, you will not encounter any problem if you intend to leave Arizona for a longer period of time and you do not want to take your car with you, or your vehicle needs long-term repairs. However, it is advisable that you file a De-Insurance Certificate to avoid spending money for the insurance of a car you do not currently use.

The fines that you will need to pay in the event that you are pulled over and you cannot provide proof of having $40,000 dollars or that your vehicle is insured, is $250, if this is your first offence. However, keep in mind that if you get caught several times driving outside the letter of the law, you will have to pay higher fees and suffer more drastic penalties, which can lead to losing your driver’s license or registration of your car. If the Arizona authorities decide to take your license away, you will need to apply for a more costly insurance policy that unfortunately will be kept for three years with the Arizona DMV.

How much do you need to pay for the auto insurance in Arizona?
In previous years, the auto insurance in Arizona was amongst the highest in the United States, the insurance analysis report of 2011, taken across the country, showed that this state is home to the first 15 cheapest vehicle insurance providers. The average annual sum that a driver will need to pay for auto insurance is around $1,300. However, with a little bit of window shopping and a good driver history, you can be sure that you will find premiums lower than the average sum.

The simplest way to ensure you are not going to pay any fines due to driving illicitly on the Arizona roads, is to check the DMV website whenever you need to renew your insurance policy. At the same time, you should use the internet to find and compare the auto insurance providers in your area and choose one that meets your auto needs as well as your budget. Whilst the easiest way to benefit from lower premiums is to have a clean driver history, it is advisable to check with the insurers in your area to find out exactly how to get discounts.

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