Arkansas Auto Insurance Quotes

Every state in the U.S. has some kind of requirements when it comes to auto insurance, and Arkansas is no exception. The insurance world can be confusing sometimes, and you may not know the best insurance company to choose. This is where obtaining Arkansas auto insurance quotes can come in handy. The first thing you need to know are the minimum state requirements for auto insurance. The formula for these requirements is 25/50/25.

This means that you are required to have $25,000 worth of coverage for bodily injury per person, $50,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage. This is liability coverage, which means if you are in an accident that is your fault, your insurance will cover the other driver’s expenses up to these amounts. It will not cover any of your medical or property damage expenses. Some drivers end up getting more than just the minimum amount of coverage, which is recommended if you can afford it.

Not only can you raise the amounts of liability coverage, you can get insurance coverage to protect yourself and your vehicle as well. Collision coverage will cover your expenses up to the coverage amount if you are in a collision with another vehicle or object, or if you are involved in a rollover. The coverage applies regardless of whose fault the accident is. Another type of coverage to consider is called comprehensive. This protects you against theft, vandalism and damage from natural disasters such as wind, hail, lightning and more.

Uninsured/underinsured driver coverage protects you if you are in an accident with a negligent driver who does not have any insurance or whose policy does not cover all of your expenses. This is a good type of insurance to have as well because not only is there no way of predicting if you will be in an accident due to the fault of another, there is no way of predicting if the driver at fault has adequate insurance or any insurance at all.

Different car insurance companies may offer different rates on the same type of policy, which is why comparison shopping is so important. One good way to get quotes is to go through a broker. Brokers are able to submit your information once and get multiple quotes from many different companies. While they do not provide insurance, they can connect you with the right company that does. There are even brokers with whom you can get quotes by filling out a form online. This is convenient because you can request your quotes any time of the day or night, and there is no waiting. These are just estimates, but they are usually quite close to the actual amount you will be charged for your policy if the information you provide is accurate.

Once you have compared Arkansas auto insurance quotes from different insurance companies and have chosen the company you think is best, you can either use your broker to submit your insurance application or go directly to the insurance company. An insurance agent can talk to you in more depth about the right type of insurance for you. There may be special circumstances to consider such as a teen driver in the home. Your agent can help you put together a policy that covers you and even the other drivers in your family. And, they can explain your premiums to you including when you can pay them, this can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You might find that paying annually, as opposed to monthly, can save you money.

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