Children’s Health Insurance

People of all ages have health insurance options, and children are no exception. Every state has programs provided by the government that offer health insurance for children. However, there are private health insurance companies that also offer health insurance for children as well. In 2009, the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act was signed to provide health insurance to children through a plan called the CHIP. The CHIP stands for “Children’s Health Insurance Program.” The reauthorization act will fund CHIP through 2013. Each state will receive the necessary funds to provide quality health insurance to millions of children across the U.S.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s website provides more information regarding the CHIP program. Millions of children who are considered low income or disabled and are not currently receiving health insurance through any other source will be covered under this reauthorization act of CHIP. The Children’s Health Insurance Program not only covers many health expenses, but dental coverage is offered as well. Children up to age 19 that are covered under the CHIP will have adequate dental insurance that is used to promote oral health and prevent oral diseases. Regardless of what state children live in, they will have access to CHIP’s health insurance as well as dental coverage.

CHIP is basically operated through Medicaid, and it is considered Medicaid for children. The benefits provided by CHIP not only covers health expenses and dental procedures, it also covers eye exams, glasses, prescription drugs, vaccines, x-rays and many other types of medical services. Children’s health insurance plans like CHIP are attractive because the fees that are to be paid are based on the family’s income and not the health service. Enrollment fees for CHIP are typically around $50 or less for each year. CHIP offers low co-pays for both prescriptions and visits to the doctor.

In most cases, co-pays are around anywhere from $5 to $25. Families with one child will not be charged a yearly fee if they make $1,362 or less every month. If a family has two children, they will not be charged yearly fees if they make $1,839 or less every month. Families that make $2,317 a month or less and have 3 children will also not be required to pay a yearly fee. The government provides low cost children’s health insurance in order for low income families to be able to provide the health coverage their children will need.

However, not all families will be qualified for CHIP, and millions of children will be covered under alternative health insurance plans. Most children will be covered under their parents plan until they reach a certain age. However, parents who don’t have health insurance but make too much to qualify for CHIP will have the opportunity to choose coverage from private health insurance companies. Major health insurance companies provide plenty of solutions for parents who are looking for adequate health coverage for their children. Private insurance companies like Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, and a number of other health insurance providers offer affordable plans.

Parents who make too much to be qualified for CHIP, but don’t make enough to get high end health insurance will still have plenty of options to have their children covered. Luckily, there are plenty of tools made available online that parents utilize to identify what type of insurance will be right for them. By understanding what is made available by the government, and understanding the rules and regulations governed by the state, families of all income levels can provide health insurance for their children. The first step parents take when shopping for health insurance for their children is receiving quotes online.

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