District of Columbia Auto Insurance Quotes

Those who live in the District of Columbia will need to take several factors into consideration when selecting and comparing various auto insurance quotes. As the nation’s capital, D.C. receives numerous tourists who regularly visit the White House, monuments and other landmark features situated in D.C. Due to the great deal of motorists that visit the city, it is important that residents choose the best car insurance that meets their needs at an affordable price. Washington D.C. is a no-fault- city as this helps ensure that premiums can remain affordable and reduces the amount of traffic related lawsuits filed.

No fault insurance means that those who are insured are responsible for their own damages and medical bills regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The insurer will seek claims from their own insurer and there is also a limited amount the insured may try to seek from the other party should there be any civil litigation as a result of an accident. No fault exists to reduce the amount of costly litigation related to auto accidents and keeps monthly premiums at a low. Those seeking auto insurance quotes in Washington D.C. will find that there are affordable policies to choose from, due to the fact that D.C. is a no fault city.

When comparing District of Columbia auto insurance quotes, realize that the minimum amount of insurance is 25/50/10 which signifies that a motorist must have a minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for uninsured motorist with bodily injury and 3rd party liability insurance. Additionally, motorists must have a minimum of $10,000 property damage. These are only minimums and D.C. residents will find that due to the high number of traffic incidents in the city, the maximums are higher than are typically set across the nation.

The best way to choose a policy that is right for your individual situation is to compare different quotes. Take the time needed to understand the type of coverage offered by auto insurers and make certain that you understand how deductibles work. Once you have a thorough understanding of how an auto insurance policy works, you can begin to find the most affordable, as well as comprehensive, policy for your situation. Additionally, check all insurers that you are considering choosing with the District of Columbia Insurance, Securities and Banking to make certain they are licensed and in good standing. Determine the insurers’ rating with A.M. Best’s Rating system as well.

Bodily injury liability is extremely important as it is the part of your policy that will pay for any incurred medical expenses obtained by the driver and passengers in the other vehicle. There is a limit on bodily insurance so make certain that you are aware how much your policy covers. Like bodily injury liability, there is a maximum payout for property damage liability which is set at $10,000 per accident, should you choose the minimum amount of coverage. Property damage liability covers the amount to replace or repair damage to private or public property.

The Internet has enabled Washington D.C. residents a quick and easy way of comparing District of Columbia auto insurance quotes. Gone are the days when a motorist needs to accept the first policy offered him or her. With the use of the Internet, motorists can take the time to find the best policy for his or her needs. It’s important to realize that there are certain factors that can affect auto insurance rates and this includes more than a driver’s personal history and points. Certain areas will have a higher rate of auto accidents, therefore just moving from one zip code to another may cause premiums to increase.

Take the time to perform your research and know what minimums you must purchase according to law. Maintain a safe driving record and ensure that your vehicle is up to date on all repairs, has included safety and security features (such as air bags, anti theft locking devices and appropriate tires such as snow tires in winter months, etc.) to help lower your rates. Use the internet to compare different policies and get various quotes. By taking the time to perform research you’ll get the best D.C. auto insurance your budget can afford.

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