Hawaii Car Insurance Rates

Every state has requirements when it comes to automobile insurance. The requirements are different from state to state so before you purchase a policy you should find out what your state requires. In Hawaii, you must have insurance on your vehicle and you must always carry proof of insurance with you. Failure to do so will get you an expensive ticket if you are involved in an incident where you must show proof of your insurance. Your insurance company will give you a card that should be kept in your vehicle at all times.

Some states are no fault states, including Hawaii. This means that your insurance will cover expenses such as you and your passengers medical bills up to a certain limit, known as the PIP or personal injury protection benefits limit. It also means that unless an accident that is your fault leads to major injuries to the other party, you cannot be sued. However, this only pertains to injuries and not property damage.

The required minimum liability insurance in Hawaii includes $10,000 personal injury coverage, $20,000 per person bodily injury coverage, $40,000 per accident bodily injury coverage and $10,000 per accident property damage coverage. You can always have more coverage but these the minimums required by state law. Hawaii car insurance rates depend on a variety of different factors such as the type of vehicle, your age, your driving history and more. And of course, how much coverage you want factors into the price.

Meeting the legal minimum for insurance coverage will be the cheapest, but in some cases you are going to want or need more coverage. For example, if you are financing a new vehicle you may be required to have full coverage. This is somewhat of a misleading term because there is no actual policy type called full coverage. Full coverage refers to other types of coverage in addition to the minimum such as uninsured/underinsured driver, comprehensive and collision.

Uninsured/underinsured driver coverage protects you if you are in an accident caused by a driver who does not have any insurance or does not have enough coverage to take care of your expenses. Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your vehicle from natural disasters, vandalism or theft. Collision car insurance takes care of certain expenses if you are in a collision regardless of whose fault it is.

Shopping around for different Hawaii car insurance rates can help save you money. This is because even for the same policy, the cost may vary from one insurance company to another. To find out, you can obtain free online car insurance quotes from insurance companies and brokers. Brokers can be beneficial to work with because they will get you quotes from many insurance companies with one form. You can also work with brokers in person or over the phone who can get you a number of quotes and help you choose the most affordable policy for your needs.

If you decide to go online for your rate quotes, it is as easy as using a search engine to find auto insurance brokers and filling out a short form. This form will ask you questions about yourself, any other drivers you want to include on the policy and the vehicle for which you want insurance. Upon submission of the form, you will be given instant quotes. The actual amount of your policy may be different as these are only estimates. Once you have chosen the insurance company you want to use you will need to complete an application which will go through the underwriting department for approval. Then you will find out the actual cost of your policy as well as how and when to pay.

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