Minnesota Auto Insurance Quotes

Owning and driving a vehicle comes with a certain amount of risks on the driver, as well as other citizens on the road. In order to protect against these risks, drivers are required to purchase auto insurance. In fact, most states require the driver to have a minimum amount of coverage in order to drive legally. The state of Minnesota has rules and regulations that all drivers must abide by in order to remain legal while driving. Minnesota residents are advised to use the internet to research auto insurance quotes before choosing an auto insurance provider.

However, drivers must first take the time to learn about Minnesota’s minimum requires on auto insurance. The average premium paid on car insurance every year in the state of Minnesota is around $1,100, while in some cities in the state is around $1,600. The national average of auto insurance that is paid every year by drivers is around $1,400. It’s obvious to say that Minnesota auto insurance quotes are slightly higher than the national average. Higher auto insurance quotes in any given state could be due to several reasons, most of which is the location. Minnesota requires a higher amount of bodily injury coverage, property damage and other types of coverage than most other states require.

For example, Minnesota residents are required to have $30,000 of coverage for bodily injury. Property damage coverage has a minimum of $60,000 that drivers are required to purchase in order to drive legally in Minnesota. A limit of $40,000 is required for personal injury protection that drivers must abide by as well. These three areas of coverage alone will affect Minnesota auto insurance quotes. However, there are other factors that will play a huge role with how much a quote will be on auto insurance in Minnesota.

In order to lower auto insurance quotes, regardless of what state the individual lives in, the driver must get familiar with how they affect the quote. Drivers who are convicted of a DUI will pay significantly higher premiums on auto insurance than those who have a clean record. Speeding tickets and moving violations will also raise an auto insurance quote as well. Even the age of the driver will play a huge role with the auto insurance quote. Drivers who are 25 years old and older will receive a discount on their auto insurance quote if they have a clean record.

On the other hand, drivers younger than 25 will pay more for auto insurance because insurance companies view younger drivers as a high risk. There are a few ways to help lower a Minnesota auto insurance quote, like installing an anti theft device. Most insurance companies will give their customers a discount on the auto insurance for anti theft devices. Drivers who have multiple vehicles on a single policy will receive a discount as well. By knowing some of these facts, drivers in Minnesota will be able to work towards lowering their auto insurance quote.

Drivers in Minnesota can also stay away from certain vehicles that are considered at high risk for theft. In fact, each state will have a list of the 10 most stolen vehicles that insurance companies will consider when providing an auto insurance quote. Residents in Minnesota are advised to either seek out auto insurance quotes on their own, or use brokers and networks to gain a complete list of all the available insurance companies in that particular state. Drivers will receive quotes in a matter of minutes, and multiple quotes should be collected in order to compare rates between auto insurance providers. By taking the time to seek out Minnesota auto insurance rates, drivers are able to save money on their premium.

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