New York Car Insurance Rates

If you are a resident of New York and own a vehicle, you will need to find out the best car insurance rates when it is time to renew or get car insurance. By law it is necessary to have car insurance and having it will protect you should you have an accident or if your car is stolen. However, one of the most time consuming problems is having to visit all the individual sites to find New York car insurance rates that will be best for your needs.

Using a car insurance broker
Just as there were car insurance brokers with offices before the emergence of the internet, many of them have now set up websites where you get information about the policies available and the rates that you can expect to pay. One of the obvious advantages is that you can get information about a number of different policies from a number of different companies all from one site. Remember that you will never be obliged to take a policy through this insurance broker as you inspect the policies and rates until such time as you decide that you like a policy that they have to offer and buy it.

How to get started combining insurance
Having found a New York car insurance broker, you will be asked to enter your ZIP code. Having done this you may be asked if you would like to get a combined quotation that can include your home insurance if you are homeowner, or home insurance if you rent the property that you live in. There are many positive reasons for deciding to combine your insurance policies, the main one being additional discounts. However, there are some drawbacks. It could be that the car insurance policy really works for you, whilst the home insurance policy is not so attractive, or vice versa. Having made your decision you can continue to find New York car insurance rates.

Providing the vital information
The New York car insurance company will want to know about you as well as your car, so you will need to provide your name, date of birth and details about where you live. Make sure that the web page you are viewing is secured; you should see a symbol or a small padlock at the bottom of the page. This makes sure that the personal information that you enter cannot be hacked. Next, you need to enter the type of vehicle you want to insure. You will notice that most car insurers also offer insurance for other means of transport, such as boats.

Enter the type of vehicle you want to insure; in this case a car, select the make and the model and the year of construction. You may want to get a quote for more than one vehicle, perhaps that of your partner. Some sites offer you the chance to add a second or more vehicles and will offer you insurance bonus rates for doing this if both vehicles were registered at the same address.

Entering more details about you and your car
Insurers want to know about the use of your car, where it is normally to be found when not in use, and what additional security features it has to make it both safer on the road and also more difficult to steal. You will need to select whether you use the car occasionally or for personal use, alternatively you may use your car for work, visiting clients, for example.

You and your track record matters the most
A number of insurers will require that you have access to off road parking in order to be able to get an insurance quote. If you do not, you will probably need to contact the New York car insurers to get a special quote. Information about your marital status will be required and you will need to confirm that you are the holder of a valid US or Canadian driving license, and you will need to enter your social security number too.

The number of years that you have held a US or Canadian license will need to be entered, as well as your highest educational achievements. These will influence the New York car insurance rates. Next, you need to describe your profession, or if you are not working, whether you are a homemaker, retired, a student, or unemployed. Actually your profession will have a direct bearing on your car insurance rates too.

Finally, you will be required to provide information about your driving track record in recent years. Normally, you will need to list at fault accidents that occurred in the last 6 years and not at fault accidents in the last 4 years. You will also need to enter the number of times you have been injured in accidents during those years. Once this is done you can receive your quote.

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