Rhode Island Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Owning a home on Rhode Island is a meaningful experience with beautiful surroundings and a peaceful atmosphere. There is clearly much to be said for Rhode Island living generally. A drive through the lovely avenues and a glimpse of the stately homes that are scattered liberally on the island will confirm the wealth of history that is stored in these homes and with their ancestry. But let’s get back to reality and to the fact that as beautiful and well maintained, as a home is, as lovely and peaceful its surroundings, unless your home on Rhode Island has insurance protection, not all is well under the lush Rhode Island roof.

How to purchase insurance for your home on Rhode Island
When exploring Rhode Island insurance quotes, you will have a choice of going directly to the insurance providers available and you can do this in person or via telephone, or alternatively, getting an online quote for the insurance that you require. Whatever the means you seek to do this, it is important that you are able to provide the insurance company, or its agent, with specifics about your home, including the type of construction, how old the house is and your credit and claims history.

In terms of the types of home insurance available, there are generally five types of coverage and under each there is a specific list of perils that are covered too. The first type of policy is one that covers the basics and includes insurance against lightning, windstorms and hail, fire and theft. The second type of policy is broader and covers the same as the above with the added protection for falling objects, freezing of the plumbing, weight of ice and snow (which can cause damage to your structure).

The third type of insurance available is commonly classified as ‘special’ and basically insures your home against all perils except war and nuclear accident, flood and earthquake and some selected others. The fourth insurance plan is similar to the third but includes coverage of the home’s contents as well. Finally, there is the fifth category, which is similar to broad insurance in the second category but modified to suit homes that may not fulfill all the requirements under broad insurance.

How to get good rates from your insurance quotes
If you have taken a mortgage to purchase your Rhode Island home, chances are your home is already insured, as most lenders will require insurance to be provided as part of their lending requirements. One of the means of reducing your premiums, without necessarily affecting the amount and quality of coverage, is by opting for higher deductibles.

Another means is to establish for the insurer, the necessary steps that you have taken to protect your home from burglary and theft. Therefore, if you have installed CCTV cameras or additional locks or alarm systems, it is important that these are highlighted to the insurance company before they provide you with a quote. If you want to appreciate the difference, get your insurance agent to quote with and without the installation of these protections and make the comparison. You will find that it may actually be more cost effective to invest in these anti theft protections for the first year, and obtain reduced premiums that will continue for every year of insurance.

In addition to protection against burglary and theft, it is also useful to protect against fire. Again, if you have taken preventive or precautionary steps, such as the installation of fire alarm systems and the purchase of fire extinguishers to be stored in critical locations like the kitchen or attic and basement, then this too should be highlighted when obtaining quotes for the insurers.

If you own one of the older homes on Rhode Island, and you have spent money refurbishing the home, especially with reference to the roofing, electrical systems, plumbing and heating, you may want to highlight these refurbishments to the insurance agents as well. This is because such refurbishments will result in reducing risks to your home in terms of fire and structure and may affect the amount of premiums that you will be required to pay.

Ultimately, these tips, if taken collectively, can add up to quite a bit of savings in terms of the annual premiums that you will have to pay for home insurance, and the added advantage is that you will be able to enjoy your stately home on Rhode Island with peace of mind.

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