Temporary Car Insurance

The options with car insurance that drivers have are designed to cover a wide basis of needs because all situations are different. More often than not, drivers basically purchase the typical insurance policy that covers a driver from year to year. However, temporary car insurance is another solution for specific situations that all drivers may come across. This type of car insurance is designed to cover a driver only for a set period of time. It is also designed to cover drivers who end up borrowing someone’s car, while being worried about whether the owner of the vehicle has proper insurance coverage.

One popular reason why people buy temporary car insurance is the reason for covering a teenager who is learning to drive. Parents will have adequate car insurance, but if they are teaching their teenager how to drive, temporary car insurance coverage will be needed. Instead of permanently adding a child to the parent’s policy, parents have the option to buy temporary car insurance. Those who are covered under a temporary car insurance policy are complete covered by the insurance company like they would be from a typical policy. The only difference is the coverage will only last for a temporary period of time.

Another popular reason why drivers buy temporary car insurance is the reason for lending a vehicle to another driver. Instead of letting a driver borrow your car and worrying about whether or not they have adequate coverage, buying temporary car insurance for that person is an easy solution. If the person that borrows the car gets in an accident, the owner of the vehicle who purchased temporary car insurance will be completely covered under the policy. Even if the borrower of the vehicle has absolutely no car insurance coverage, they will be covered any ways through temporary car insurance.

Renting a car also comes with the option of temporary car insurance. In fact, many major car rental companies require drivers to purchase temporary car insurance before approving the rental. Businesses will also use temporary car insurance for employees who are using a company vehicle for only a temporary period of time. Instead of insurance an employee all year long, the business will purchase temporary car insurance to cover the employee. This helps a business save money because insuring multiple employees can be costly. One interesting area that temporary car insurance policies are used for is classic cars.

Classic cars are basically cars that come out on sunny weekends for a Sunday drive or a car show. Since classic car owners don’t use these cars for basic reliable transportation, they will only need temporary car insurance. Hot rods and other show quality cars will not be used for commuting purposes, which means traditional car insurance that is used year round will not be necessary. People who travel will use temporary car insurance as well if they are renting a car on vacation or a holiday. Cars that are basically kept in storage or extra vehicles can also be used for temporary car insurance as well.

There are a number of reasons why people buy temporary car insurance and the rates on these policies will depend on the state, age, driving record and value of the vehicle. In order to get the best rates possible on temporary car insurance, drivers are advised to first contact their existing car insurance company to speak with an agent. Next, rates can be easily found online and comparisons can be made in order to measure price vs. service. Drivers who have multiple vehicles can also take advantage of temporary car insurance as well, since only one car can be driven at a time by the owner.

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