Wyoming Car Insurance Rates

In Wyoming car insurance is compulsory. Driving around with an uninsured car can cost you between $250 and $750 if caught. If you are caught for a second time, then it there will be a jail sentence and a huge fine of approximately $1,500. Wyoming is a tort-state, which means that at all times any legal claim has to identify who was at fault. According to Wyoming law every car has to be insured for: a. $25,000 for an injured individual, b. $50,000 per accident of bodily harm (to pay the medical bills) and c. $ 20,000 for damage of the property (damage to the car).

Please keep in mind that this is an absolute minimum and insurance companies will always advise to opt for a higher amount. You should also bear in mind that you should be covered for your own damages; in other words consider whether you need a fully comprehensive policy, which will not only cover third party damage and bodily harm, but also collision coverage. This will ensure you have a loaned car whilst yours is being repaired. Comprehensive cover will also replace your stolen car and give higher liability limits too.

What is the average coverage cost in Wyoming?
Like anywhere else, car insurance has risen dramatically over the years. The average amount was less than $700 per annum in 2006, and currently it is approximately $1,500 per annum for the same coverage. This amount does vary in the US, but it is still pretty steep. You could qualify for discounts though, particularly if your driving record is blemish-free. For example, if you have no fines for misdemeanors, such as speeding, and of course whether you have driven accident free. But also age, gender, the car make and model, and how many miles per year you drive, are all important. Often living in the country offers cheaper insurance than living in the city.

It could be so that an insurance company will exclude so called risk drivers. This could be a person without a driver’s license, but also someone with a drinking and driving record. At no time will this person be insured, not even when there is an emergency. But then let’s be honest: drinking and driving is a no go to start off with!

How to find the cheapest options
In the past you had no choice but to either call car insurers or their brokers and agents to get a copy of their car insurance policies. Nowadays, everything can be found conveniently online. It is much easier to compare the various policies, although it is still wise to call the insurers as well, as you might qualify for discounts. But please always keep in mind that Wyoming is a tort state and it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you decide to combine various insurances together, such as home insurance, valuables insurance, life insurance, and of course, your car insurance, then insurers are very likely to give further discounts.

With the exception of life insurance policies, all other insurance can be reviewed annually and you should always make sure that your policies are up to date and still valid for you. If, during your working life, you commuted a lot and you are about to retire, then most probably you will drive fewer miles in the future, and this might help you bring down your premium. If you shop around do not forget to disclose whether you have had an accident in the last 5 years. This might have consequences for the insurance offered to you. Often you can only be insured for the minimum requirement of $95,000.

Regular medical check-ups
We all get older, and one of the first organs that functions less is our eyes. It is therefore advisable to have an annual medical check-up to make sure that your eyesight is still fine and your hand-foot coordination is still sufficient. This is to ensure that you can react adequately in case you need to make an emergency stop. As neither you nor your insurance company would like you to become the person having to pay for all damages because you were unable to drive a car safely. A car accident as a result of medical cause could cost you dearly. Not only will you have to pay the third party’s costs, but the car insurance could exclude you from further driving.

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