Large Wall Clock with Oversized Centurian Roman Numeral StyleIndoor Silent Battery Operated Metal Clock for Decoration

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Large Wall Clock With Oversized Centurian Roman Numeral Styleindoor Silent Battery Operated Metal Clock For Decoration - Buy Rustic Metal Wall Clock,Silent Battery,Decorative Wall Clock Product | Wall Clocks...

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Product Specifications Product Description Product Name Extra-Large Decorative Wall Clock with Roman Numerals in Centurian Design Metal indoor clock with battery power for room Product Dimensions: DIA 24"Iron Battery: I PC AA (1.5V) Application Living room/kitchen Box Dimensions N/G Size 63*26*63cm Weight 2.5–4kgInformation Images FeaturesRemain Quiet Quiet hands provide you a peaceful atmosphere in which to work or relax.Energy SavingElectricity provided by 1 AA batteries(not included), 1year warranty.High-end I
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Introduction: This large wall clock is designed with an oversized Centurian Roman numeral style and is suitable for decoration in any indoor space. It operates on battery power and has a silent mechanism, making it perfect for use in any setting.

Instructions for Adults:

  1. Choose a location: Select a suitable location to hang the clock. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and free from dust.
  2. Insert Batteries: Carefully open the back cover of the clock using your fingers or a coin. Insert two AA batteries into the battery compartment according to the polarity markings. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly.
  3. Set the Time: Use the adjusting wheel on the back of the clock to adjust the time by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise as desired.
  4. Hang the Clock: After setting the time, hang the clock securely on the wall using a nail or hook. Ensure it is level and at the desired height.

Instructions for Children:

  1. Ask an adult for help: This product requires adult supervision and assistance during installation.
  2. Do not touch the clock hands: The clock hands are delicate and can easily be damaged. Do not touch them while handling the clock.
  3. Enjoy the Clock: Once the clock is hung in place, you can enjoy its beautiful design and silent operation. However, do not play with the clock or try to take it apart.

Warning: Do not expose the clock to water, moisture or direct sunlight. Doing so may damage the clock's mechanism and reduce its lifespan. If the clock stops working or begins to malfunction, replace the batteries immediately.

Here is a common questions guide for the "Large Wall Clock with Oversized Centurian Roman Numeral Style Indoor Silent Battery Operated Metal Clock for Decoration" product:

Q: What does the clock look like? A: The clock has an oversized Centurian Roman Numeral style, which gives it a classic and elegant appearance. It is a large metal clock that can be used as decoration in any room.

Q: Is it easy to read the time on this clock? A: Yes, the large numbers make it easy to read the time from a distance.

Q: How is the clock powered? A: The clock is battery operated, making it easy to install without wires or electrical outlets. It uses one AA battery (not included) and is energy efficient.

Q: Is this clock silent? A: Yes, the clock is designed to operate silently, making it perfect for use in quiet areas such as bedrooms, offices, or libraries.

Q: Is the clock safe to use indoors? A: Yes, the clock is made of durable metal materials and is safe to use indoors. It is also lightweight, making it easy to install and move around if necessary.

Q: Does the clock come with a warranty? A: Yes, the clock comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Please check the product packaging or contact the manufacturer for more details.

Q: How do I install the clock? A: The clock comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, including screws and wall anchors. Simply follow the instructions provided in the package to install the clock securely on your wall.

Q: How do I clean the clock? A: The clock can be cleaned using a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they may damage the clock's finish.

The Large Wall Clock with Oversized Centurian Roman Numeral Style is a stunning addition to any room. Its metal construction gives it a sturdy and durable feel, while the oversized numerals make it easy to read from across the room. This clock operates silently on battery power, making it perfect for quiet spaces like bedrooms or offices.

The Roman numeral style adds a touch of classic elegance to this modern timepiece, which will easily complement any decor scheme. The clock's large size ensures that it makes a bold statement wherever it's placed, whether in a living room, dining room, or home office.

One of the standout features of this clock is its ease of use. It comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting, and the battery-operated mechanism means there are no cords to worry about. Additionally, the clock is low maintenance, requiring only occasional dusting to keep it looking its best.

Overall, the Large Wall Clock with Oversized Centurian Roman Numeral Style is a high-quality product that delivers both style and function. Its sleek appearance, durable construction, and silent operation make it a wise choice for anyone in need of a reliable and attractive timepiece.